My name is Treasa Mbinya Mutuku, ITF Tennis Coach, ITF Tennis Official and ITF Advantage to
All Officiating Women Ambassador in Kenya.
I am an ITF Level 1 Tennis Coach with an experience of 10 years of coaching all ages. The highest
round that my junior players have competed in is Finals and Semi-Finals. For Adults is Finals.
Am an ITF Level 2 Tennis Official with an experience of 4 years of professionalism. Highest that I
have officiated is The Championship Wimbledon qualifiers in 2022 as a line Judge and Davis Cup
Group III as a Chair Umpire on Centre Court.
In all these am an ITF Women Tennis Officiating Ambassador in Kenya. I am driving an ITF
Advantage to All program of 36 women officials. This is by encouraging women to be in sports
more so in officiating.
I do have a group of 8 girls and 1 boy that I have been coaching and still coaching. All playing on
a competitive level. 5 consistent adults playing competitively and as a form of working out.
I have achieved all these out of the foundation that I had since I was 8 years where I was playing
competitive tennis to an age of 24.
My goal is to have 10 kids of every age playing tennis competitively, leisure and as a form of
workout and at least 10 adults doing the same.
For Tennis Coaching bookings kindly reach out to me on 0742098554.